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Let me Express my appreciation for the prompt delivery and quality products !

Михаил Во...

Moscow, Russia


Feedback for online order: Very good
If you have received your order:  The order arrived very soon and in very good condition
Will you order from our site again?  Yes
Message: Thanks for the practical gift (memo board)!

Ioannis T...

Nicosia, Cyprus



Feedback for online order: Good
If you have received your order:  The order arrived very soon and in very good condition
Will you order from our site again?  Certainly
Thank you for the package and the nice surprise gift. Everything arrived in good condition and the mastic gum we ordered is very interesting. We'll recommend it to our friends. Me and my husband had been chewing the gum all week long in the office :) We order it for stomach pain but saw in the internet is good for teeth as well so it replaces very good the chewing gum.

Monica Le...

Bruxelles Belgium



This is to confirm that I received your products on time and in excellent shape.
On a different level, I must confess that I am truly impressed by their quality. I wish I had discovered your product line earlier.
Heartfelt thanks for the exceptional level of your service.
Kindest regards,

Christina Te...

Brussels, Belgium




Feedback for online order: Very good
If you have received your order:  The order arrived very soon and in very good condition
Will you order from our site again? 
Hi, you lovely people, this is my second order from you, and we are as a Family absolutly delighted about your super Products. Friends and relatives have taken the last tube of toothpaste out of our hands. The toothpaste had already over time according to our Dentist a visible positive effect on us. Thank you so much

Gerhard Ro...




My family is completely addicted to your products - big thanks for all the work you do!

Liudvikas Ja...

San Martín del Tesorillo


... I would like to express my thanks for the gifts you included in my orders. Thankfully, I received the orders in good condition and the quality of your products are up to expectation which are very good. Keep up the good work Anemos....thanks for you help, outstanding service and understanding.


Aljouf, Saudi Arabia



I just wanted to say thanks very much for the mastic gum and the delicious extras. I was pleasantly surprised by the good size of the mastic tears. Very nice all round.

Many thanks,

Gillian M...



Pretty impressed with the fast delivery time.

Thank you for the present included with our order .

Im very happy with the quality of the product.

You have another satisfied customer who will return when  I need more.

Best regards ,

Maja van der M.M





I would like you to know that I received the order. Thanks! I started to take Mastic due to stomach ulcers that I had suffered from for quite a while. Very strong antibiotics (2 cures) did not have any effect. But I took the Mastic and my health improved. A recent test shows that my stomach ulcers have healed and there are no more H pylori to be found. It is really great. I recommend your product to everybody, including the doctors :-) Thanks again.

Best wishes, 

Nanna H....

Vejle, Denmark



My order has been received (and almost completely consumed already). Thank you so much for the treats and I would like to say that I really enjoy your products - I will most certainly place an order again in the near future.   

Best regards

Jan Erik ....

Gjettum, Norway



Ι received my order yesterday; i.e. it took just one week! Everytting was nicely packaged, and thank you for the treats.
Hopefully, within the next few weeks, I will be placing another order.

Very nice, genuine products. The order arrived very soon and in very good condition in fact I Recieved the order much earlier than estimated time. I have ordered mastic gum, it is excellent. Got nice assistance from George which I really appreciate, thank you so much. I will certainly order from our site again.

In Shaa Allah.

Majid K...

Mumbai, India.




The order has arrived and everything is great.

I loved the candy and the magnet. 

I will do my best to spread the word about your website,

Especially since the mastiha is less than half the price and natural compared to the versions we find in Romania.

Aiana C...

Bucharest, Romania



The order arrived a few days after you sent it - all correct and VERY appreciated. Really great service and a truly fabulous product.
We especially liked the sweets included. These were extremely nice and we thank you for them.
Looking forward to placing another order with you soon!
Kevin M...

Dublin, Ireland




You are very fast! Thank you!
we really enjoy your products! It's the second time we order from you.


Selestat, FRANCE



Very satisfied.

Today I received, exact on time, the toothpaste I orderded.
I bought some packages during my holiday in Chios (Karfas) in May. Since then I brushed my teeth every day with the mastic toothpaste.
Last week I visited my dentist and my teeth and gums were really improved.
Therefore I orded some new packages. I really can recommended to everyone!

Mastic is a wonderfull product...

I will stay a regular costumer for sure!

Yvon L...,

Amsterdam, Nethelands





We received the package (mastic) three days ago.  The swelling in my gums is gone.  My wife's diabetes blood sugar readings have improved and my daughter's stomach feels better. Thank you …. We will definitely be ordering more.

What a marvelous product! 





Thank you for your sending

I received all and I’m really happy for your efficiency and fast reaction.

I love mastixa… and we don’t find it in Switzerland


Sabine k… Geneve, CH


Hi friend,
I am a new french customer of your excellent mastic-based products.
I use it for stomach and mouth health, and the results are stunning.
I will certainly order more of your products soon, and I have spoken about it to my close friends and family.
However I was wondering how I could make some ad to help you selling mastic here in my southern France area(maybe posters,etc...)?
I am a teacher and also a yoga prof,
Bless you, all the best

jp Ν… Curbans, FRANCE


…My order has now arrived, including all the unexpected “goodies”, and if I had to score your service out of 10, I would give you 11.

Thank you once again

Sheila D.




I am very pleased to inform you that I received the goods in good order.
Very fast and very professionally packed!.
I also want to thank you for the nice gift of the memo board. I love getting gifts.
So, again, I want to thank very much and I will order again when all these goods are used up…
Karina M.
, The Netherlands.




Ι express my sincere appreciation for the promptness with which you have dealt with my order. I am grateful.

Ernest B.

Gal..., Ireland




Thank you so much for your products. I am totally dependent of these products. I have a disease called brachoradial pruritus, itching overarms and back, due to nervecompression in my spine. I have tried everything without results, but this body lotion gives me instant comfort. It makes it possible to sleep the whole night through….

Irene  A.





Thank you so much for you customer service. You have always answered promptly all my questions.

Padmaja D.

Burlin..., NJ, USA




Congratulations for the quality of your products. I'm very happy to discover them. They are the best.


Berg..., France.




just want to say thanks for the delivery received yesterday. Everything's perfect!!!

Thank you for the extra candies too.
Massimiliano C.

Orba..., Italy




Thanks a lot for your great products and services.

Baron P.

Tho..., FRANCE




I get my parcels in five days. I was very happy.

Thanks for your gifts. All your products is  very very good and beautiful.

I think I will send you tomorrow my new order.

Alena V.





This is just to thank you for your prompt services.  I will pass your company to all of my friends.


Blagorodna E.

Barn.., UK




Thank you.  I have been using your toothpaste since January 2009 because I suffer from very bad mouth ulcers. .. my condition is much improved since using your product.  Thank you very much for your excellent service

Annie H.

Colch..., UK










Thank you for delivery, I received yesterday the package. This is the most beautiful gift for me! Santa Claus exists!


Buch..., ROMANIA




Congratulations for the quality of your products.

I'm very happy to discover it.

Patrice ANDRE

Berg..., FRANCE




Thank you very much for your prompt and efficient attention to the order that I placed using your web site. All the items I ordered have reached me safely and I am very pleased with them.  Thank you, also, for kindly adding some free samples to my order, which I look forward to using.

Amanda H.

Marle..., UK





I also stopped brushing with regular toothpaste and flossing regularly and replaced my regime with your toothpaste every day two or three times... To my hygienist's surprise, I reduced the tooth plaque by 25% from my previous regime and it has gone down even more since I use your products regularly.

I gave your soap away to a close friend who told me that until he had gotten hold of your products, he couldn't quite make the toe fungus go away. But once he used the product, it was gone! He was so amazed!

Scott G.

Car.., CA, USA