Natürlicher Mastix aus Chios. Blister-Großpackungen



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100% pur, natürlicher Mastix aus Chios

Natürlicher Mastix. Der weltweit einzigartige Mastix aus Chios, wie er vom Mastixbaum, ohne industrielle Verarbeitung, stammt. Die Mastixstücke in ihrer natürlichen Form werden per Hand gewaschen. Mastix ist durch seine wunderwirkenden Eigenschaften berühmt geworden.

Zwei Auswahlmöglichkeiten:

  • „Dicker“ Mastix (Größe No1). Große Stücke, zum Kauen auch geeignet wie Kaugummi.
  • „Dünner“ Mastix. Kleine und ganz feine Mastixstücke. Ideal zum Zerreiben und für andere Zwecke verwendbar.

Auswahlmöglichkeiten in Blisterpackung: (Kartonverpackung)

  • 8g Mittelgroße Tränen* (Größe No3)
  • 15g „Dicker“: Mastix (Größe No1). Große Stücke, zum Kauen auch geeignet wie Kaugummi
  • 30g „Dicker“: Mastix (Größe No1). Große Stücke, zum Kauen auch geeignet wie Kaugummi.
  • 30g „Dünner“ Mastix. (Größe No5) Kleine und ganz feine Mastixstücke. Ideal zum Zerreiben und für andere Zwecke verwendbar. Nicht besonders geeignet zum Kauen

*Tränen = Mastixstücke, oft in Tropfenform. Mastic sizes

Gebrauchsanweisung von Mastix

Mastix ist glutenfrei und hat keine allergieauslösende Wirkung



100% Natürlicher Mastix aus Chios. Blister-Großpackungen

Mastic (or Masticha, or Mastiha, or Mastika or Mastix or Gum Mastic or Mastiche or Gomme Mastic or Mustaka or Mistika or Mastagi Roomi) is a natural product that comes from mastic trees. It is a natural resin, off white color, semi-transparent. As it comes out of the tree trunk is forming „tears“.

The mastic tree is an evergreen bush 1,5-3,5m tall. It has an irregular shaped trunk (light grey when young and grey-reddish when older) with a lot of branches. Its scientific name is „Pistacia Lentiscus var. Chia“ The mastic tree lives about a hundred years and is fully grown after about 40-50 years. It starts giving its resin (mastic) from 5-6 years old. After about 15 years, produces from 60 to 200 grams and in very exceptional cases up to 400 grams of mastic. Mastic tree thrives and gives mastic only in the south part of the island of Chios and nowhere else in the world. According to theories it only gives mastic there, due to under water volcanoes, the mild and dry climate and the lime consisting soil which has high drainage properties.

The preparation of the mastic tree and collection of mastic is a laborious job that starts at the beginning of June and is carried on until December. From ancient times mastic has been used as a natural medicine. A leaf fossil from a mastic tree has been found dating six million years.

Mastic oil and other sub-products are produced from mastic and are they used widely in medicine, pharmaceutical industry, dentistry, and industry in general.

Mastiha is used as a natural and hygienic chewing gum, excellent for teeth cleaning and traditionally used as medicine for stomach ache, stomach ulcer, diabetes, cholesterol etc. Recently mastic is used again in pharmaceutical industry for the therapy of stomach ulcer and general stomach disorders.

In recent years, university researchers have provided the scientific evidence for the medicinal properties of mastic.

In 2015 mastic was recognized as a natural medicine (HPMC) by the European Medicines Agency (ΕΜΑ)

Mastic (or masticha, mastiha, mastika, Мастикс, pryskyřice pistácie lentišku, Mastiks, Mastix, Mastic tree resin, Lentisco, resina de, mastiks, mastiksipistaasi, hartsi, Mastiks, pisztáciagyanta, lentisco resina, mastikà, Mastikas pistācijas sveķi, reżina tad-Deru, Mastiekboom, hars (mastiek), Mastyks, Mastique, Mastix, mastiks)

Nutritional value per 1gr

As natural medicine (Recommended dose)

  • Energy: 15.4kJ/3.65 kcal
  • Protein: 0gr
  • Total Carbohydrate: 0.83gr
  • Sugars: 0gr
  • Total Fat: 0gr
  • Dietary Fibres: 0.1gr
  • Salt: 0gr

Nutritional value per 2gr

CHEWING as natural chewing gum

  • Energy: 31kJ/7.3 kcal
  • Protein: 0gr
  • Total Carbohydrate:1.65gr
  • Sugars: 0gr
  • Total Fat: 0gr
  • Dietary Fibres: 0.36gr
  • Salt: 0gr

Nutritional value per 100gr


  • Energy: 1544kJ/365 kcal
  • Protein: 0.15gr
  • Total Carbohydrate:83gr
  • Sugars: 1gr
  • Total Fat: 0gr
  • Dietary Fibres: 18gr
  • Salt: 0gr
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