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Natural gum mastic / mastiha in blister small packs

100% pure, Natural gum mastic / masticha in blister small packs. ANEMOS, Chios

Mastiha gum, Masticha, mastica, mastix, mastika, or mastixa. Whatever you call it, mastic gum is unique in the world! Pure, real mastic is only produced in the south part of Chios Island. It comes from the mastic tree, without any industrial intervention. Natural gum Masticha is hand cleaned piece by piece. Chios gum mastic is rare and unique, full of miraculous properties that made Chios (or Hios) mastic gum so much sought after.

In blister packs of 8, 15 or 30g
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  • 8Medium Tears* (size no3) for general use.
  • 15g Large Tears* (size no1) suitable for chewing as chewing gum and for other uses.
  • 30g Large Tears* (size no1) suitable for chewing as chewing gum and for other uses
  • 30g Small Tears* (size  no5), very clean mastic. It can be used as it is (without grounding) or it is ideal for grounding into powder for pharmaceutical use and for other uses.

Packing by ANEMOS

From mid March until mid October, the medium & large tears mastic is quite soft. It is generally quite soft for chewing and if exposed to higher temperatures there is the risk of sticking together.

*tears= pieces of mastic, occasionally in the shape of a drop, but they can be any shape.  Check sizes of Mastic tears

Instructions for natural mastic use (as a natural medicine)

Natural Mastic of Chios is gluten free and allergen free

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