3 natural toothpastes with Mastic & herbs



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3 Greek, natural toothpastes without Fluoride

Natural toothpaste for strong teeth and effective stone protection, gingivitis and caries!

Without: Fluoride free, SLS free, Parabens free, Without artificial sweeteners, Without ethyl alcohol.

Suitable for homeopathy

Greek product. Content: 3 x 75ml

More information

More information

1. Toothpaste with pure mastic oil and organically grown chamomile without fluoride.

Reinforced action against plaque, gingivitis, and cavities!

Suitable for homeopathy

Ingredients 98.4% of natural origin!


2. Toothpaste with pure mastic oil and natural mandarin (tangerine) without fluoride.

For sensitive gums. Against gingivitis.

Suitable for homeopathy.

Ingredients 97.6% of natural origin!


3. Toothpaste with pure mastic oil and bio spearmint without fluoride.

Whitening. For fresh breath, tartar control and decay prevention.

Suitable for homeopathy (Contains spearmint and NOT mint)Ideal for smokers too!

Ingredients 97.9% of natural origin!

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