ELMA Classic gum with mastic and sugar




ELMA Classic

Chewing gum ELMA with Chios gum mastic

The classic one with sugar.

Ten pieces/tablets per blister.
One whole pack contains 20 blisters (200 tablets).

Calories: per 100gr: 275Kcal,  (per piece: 3.6Kcal)

Producer: Mastic growers association

More information

More information

Ingredients: sugar, Gum base (antioxidant: tocopherol-rich extract) glucose syrup, Chios mastiha (mastic gum) 5%, Humectant: Glycerin. Flavouring: Chios mastic oil, menthol), Thickener: Gum Arabic, Colour: Titanium dioxide, Glazing agent: Carnauba wax.   May contain traces of soy

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