Pure mastic oil



100% pure mastic oil, distilled from natural gum mastic.

The real thing, from pure natural mastic!*

It is extracted from the unique Hios mastic and is full of aroma. Mastic oil has all the miraculous properties of mastic.

Extremely concentrated.

Note: please do not buy mastic oil if you do not know how to use it. It is better to use mastic ground in powder that is easier to handle at home.

*This is the real thing. Be aware of cheap imitations which are diluted with substances of dubious quality.

5 ml (=0.17 oz) glass bottle with dropper

10 ml (=0.35 oz) glass bottle with dropper

19 ml (=0.65 oz) glass bottle with dropper

50 ml (=1.69 oz) glass bottle with dropper

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Additional information

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5 ml, 10 ml, 19 ml, 50 ml

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